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Media clarifies: ‘"Holiday Heart Syndrome" was not made up to cover for COVID-19 vaccine deaths'

Condition receiving increasing media attention since advent of COVID-19 shots

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December 29, 2022


05:11 AM

Media clarifies: ‘"Holiday Heart Syndrome" was not made up to cover for COVID-19 vaccine deaths'

Media outlets are cautioning people to beware of “Holiday Heart Syndrome,” said to be a heart condition triggered by a slew of possible causes during the holiday season.  

According to Mayo Clinic, “holiday heart” refers to an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation which can be caused by alcohol, salt, or any kind of stress on the heart. It can also be caused by coffee, loneliness, dehydration or too much fat, according to a recent Forbes article which preemptively reported that Holiday Heart Syndrome is not, in fact, responsible for COVID vaccine deaths. 

“‘Holiday Heart Syndrome’ Was Not Made Up To Cover For Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths,” ran the Forbes headline. Author Bruce Lee, a federal science expert, slammed people on social media for “getting their Santa claws into recent headlines that have warned about ‘Holiday heart syndrome’ and twisting such headlines to serve their anti-vaccination agendas.” 

To support his claim, Lee cited a Facebook fact-check of a social media post which questioned whether Holiday Heart Syndrome is a real condition, or one of many recent syndromes created to explain deaths caused by the COVID-19 injections. 

The fact-check declared the post was false. 

And indeed, as the Forbes article points out, Holiday Heart Syndrome has been around since 1978. However, the condition began receiving increasingly widespread media attention since the advent of the COVID-19 shots. 

“‘Holiday heart syndrome’ isn’t new, and it’s not a cover for COVID-19 vaccine side effects,” George Soros-funded PolitiFact assured readers on December 9th.  

“Holiday Heart Syndrome: What to Know,” says an article from WebMD published earlier this month. 

“The Telltale Symptoms of ‘Holiday Heart Syndrome’,” read another from Men’s Health last week. 

“Holiday Drinking Can Harm Your Heart,” wrote the New York Times in an article about the syndrome this month. 

In Forbes, Lee cautions that Holiday Heart Syndrome can lead to serious conditions. 

“Holiday heart syndrome can progress to strokes, cardiac arrest, and even death. You can end up having more permanent damage to your heart,” he writes, before concluding with a parting shot at “anti-vaccination” people. 

“What’s clear, though, is that anti-vaccination accounts have been trying the ‘let’s throw this against the wall and see if it sticks’ approach when it comes to disseminating disinformation and conspiracy theories. They can seize a condition like holiday heart syndrome that’s been well established decades before Covid-19 vaccines came out and try to link the two without providing much real evidence in a heartbeat.” 

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